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Replica Watches Quality Grades

Replica Watches are being manufactured in different quality grades. The quality grade has a high impact on the price.

Chinese A-Grade (A, AA, AAA)

The chinese A grade is the basic entry level. Mostly sold in dodgy hidden shops in Deira. Sellers offen claim that these are masters. The shiny color under bright shop light can trick into bad decisions. The materials and colors are very, often quartz movements are being used. Colors tend to fade quick and pieces start falling apart quickly.

Easy to spot as fake (for example closed backside even on models that come with open case). Realistic prices are between AED 100 – 350, but sellers in Dubai are clever and easily take AED 1,000 or more for these. 100% wasted money.

AAA+ Grade

AAA+ is also a chinese grade but the Plus includes higher effort for the optics. Still far away from the original watch, but defenitely better than the normal A grade.  Don´t expect a branded box or certificate for these repicas.

Usually the AAA+ comes with simple japenese or chinese automatic movement. The casing looks much better than the lower grades, but only normal glass is being used (no anti scratch). The weakest parts is the bracelet. Don´t buy this if you want to use your watch daily or have longterm plans.

Price range: AED 800-1.200 (USD 220-330)

Master Grade

The Master Copy has the focus on optics. The details are very good, even though a trained eyes can spot some flaws. Basic Swiss movements are being used, nothing super fancy, it does the job more or less. The casing has a perfect finish and the bracelet is usually very good. Saphire antiscratch glass is standard in this grade.

Price range: from AED 2,400 (from USD 620)
Rolex: from 2,400
Patek, AP, Hublot: from 3,200

Super Clone

The Super Clone is the highest level in the copy watches market and are only being produced for certain brands. These watches comes from the top factories such as Noob, JF, AR, BP, JH, V6F etc. Swiss parts (often case parts of the original watch can be found) such as Swiss clone movements (Rolex 3135 or 4130) are high standard parts.

Details such as the weight and little safety features are nearly similar to the original watch. Of course a professional watchmaker or watch owner could identify these as a copy by disassembling it, but the risk of getting your watch stripped into pieces on a party is obviously very low. This is the best of the best, these watches are made to last for years.

Price range: AED 3,600 to 7,500 (USD 980+ usd)
Rolex 3,600-4,800
Patek from AED 4,800
AP/Hublot from AED 4,200